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Final Fantasy VII Accessories

This is a guide to the original Final Fantasy VII.

You will obtain accessories as you play through FF7. You can equip them to your party members by opening up the menu and selecting "Equip".

Accessory List - Chronological Order

Accessory Guide

A lot of the accessories in FF7 are too under-powered to be very useful. Raising one stat by only 10 points, or protecting against only a limited number of status effects, or protecting against just one magical element; are all too limited to be hugely effective. Having said that, it still makes sense to equip accessories as generally they will at least help a little; for example, equipping a White Cape when fighting in the Temple of the Ancients will protect against Frog status effect, which enemies there tend to inflict. And e.g. the Power Wrist, although it only raises Strength by 10, will nonetheless make your physical attacks a little more powerful.

Overall though, generally it's not worth buying accessories as you play through the game - they're quite expensive considering they're not THAT useful, and most of the time you may as well use accessories you obtain for free playing through the game, rather than spending Gil.

Accessories like the Champion's Belt, the Circlet, or the Tough Ring; which cause more significant improvement to stats, can be of some interest. The Tetra Elemental is also a powerful accessory - it allows you to absorb Fire, Cold, Lightning and Earth elemental attacks. Nonetheless, at endgame, in most situations it makes sense to have everyone equipped with a Ribbon; otherwise your party is far too vulnerable to status attacks.

There is a caveat. If you equip Hades-Added Effect, or Contain-Added Effect, or all 4 of these materia to a party member's armor, then you can get such a powerful status-defending effect that you can equip an accessory other than a Ribbon on that party member at endgame. But it means using up materia slots which you might have used for more powerful materia combos. More on materia here.

Also, it can still make sense to equip the Sneak Glove when there's something you really want to steal, or the Hypnocrown for learning certain Enemy Skills easier (using the Manipulate command).

Emerald Weapon never uses status attacks. So feel free to equip Sprint Shoes against her - Haste is always a handy effect. Alternatively, the Tough Ring can be a good option, or the Champion's Belt or Circlet.


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